Growth & Recovery

Gatwick Green is part of a wider solution for Crawley and the surrounding region. Not only will it complement and enhance neighbouring economic anchors, including Manor Royal, Crawley Town Centre and a recovering Gatwick Airport, it will help diversify the local economy and provide the necessary foundations on which a range of commercial, employment-focussed, facilities can be successfully delivered.

Gatwick Green Warehouse Image
  • 1,470

    permanent on-site jobs (initial phase)

  • 1,290

    permanent on and off-site jobs for
    residents of Crawley

  • £79 million

    GVA associated with the additional
    number of jobs per annum

  • 645

    director, management, professional and technical jobs up to £48,230

  • 454

    skilled trade occupations, process, plant, and machine operatives up to £31,712

  • 367

    admin, sales, service, and elementary occupations up to £26,89

Creating a minimum of 2,000 brand-new and well-paid logistics jobs within a high-growth sector, Gatwick Green will also open up the opportunity to reskill and upskill the local work force; helping address skills gaps and improving social mobility and inclusion in an area affected greatly by recent job losses.

The diverse business and employment activity planned on-site will also create a complementary offer to aviation, supporting future prosperity and resilience with little displacement for existing employers at Manor Royal and other industrial areas.

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